We are not skipping enough

I’m not talking about posts on social media, videos or jumping rope. What I mean is joyful playful skipping kids do. I found an excellent example and an instruction video in one (in case you are already too disconnected from this cheerful skipping):

Now and then I’m skipping like this for a bit, even in public places. It’s my approach to connecting to my inner child: “If you put yourself in ‘child mode’, you may find that you become more open to the magnificent opportunities that exist all around you.” It helps me awaken joy, curiosity even astonishment about mundane things. The perspective I had when I was a kid. Or it can be presented as an attempt to induce joyful feelings by skipping, even when I’m not very happy at the moment, in a similar way as fake smiles can make people feel happier.

Our mood can be negatively influenced by the stress and worries of everyday life so a little cheerful boost in a form of skipping can be handy. At first, I thought it was not necessary to follow the example of Rimmer’s parents, the Seventh-day Advent Hoppists, from the famous series Red Dwarf. But why not? We can turn into Daily Skippers. Not only skipping daily but also navigating the stormy sea of life with a smile on our faces.

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