Classical Fairytales with a Twist

How would some fairy tales turn out if we placed them in a slightly more modern and less fantastical setting? And how would you like them?
–Translation of my stories written in 2012

One forgets fast

A short story for reflection on values.
–Translation of my short story written in 2009
It’s a Friday evening in autumn, and the bustle of a small town is gradually subsiding. Only in one apartment, the voices of a young couple are growing stronger…

Inflation for Non-Economists

Inflation, the rise in the price level (or simply put, the increase in prices), is how modern economics presents it to us. But is it really so? What are the impacts of inflation? And why should we even care? In this article, I will attempt to answer these questions and present inflation and its consequences for non-economists (economists, please bear with me). –Translation of my article written in 2012.

We are not skipping enough

I’m not talking about posts on social media, videos or jumping rope. What I mean is joyful playful skipping kids do. I found an excellent example and an instruction video in one (in case you are already too disconnected from this cheerful skipping).

Movember 2022 (my 10th)

Movember is a wide-world charity event focusing on men’s health – raising awareness about prostate cancer and testicular cancer prevention. In November, men grow moustaches to draw attention to these topics and to raise funds. In the Czech Republic, this event is organized by the fund Muži proti rakovině (Men against cancer).

Money is time

“Time is money!” Almost everyone knows this idiom. If time = money, then inevitably money = time. Then, why don’t we say “Money is time!”?